Life sciences & Healthcare

"The advance in technology and sciences has jumped leaps and bounds. The advance in life sciences and healthcare have not only helped save lives but have also cure diseases. The infrastructure for this industry needs constant support and innovation. Our company strives to help the future doctors and patients have the data of today, and build a sustainable, secure data management system.
This industry requires sophisticated, streamline and very fast functioning machines. The future of medicine is also robotics. These robotics require immense coding, and data storage. We help the healthcare industry reach such heights. ".


Enterprise computing is a policyspeak that refers to business-oriented information technology that is critical to a company’s operations. Enterprise computing encompasses all the various types.

The Data Centres designed and managed by Cache have the construction and operation with the following as target objectives: Minimizing the footprints of the buildings The use of low-emission building materials

OS, Database and Middleware Infrastructure in a Virtualized/Shared Model,Public Cloud and Private Cloud Options,Virtual Environments Pay Per Use Model,Managed Services with world class uptime SLAs.