Backup Solution, Data Migration, All Flash

"The data that a company holds, is always very fragile and can be misused, hence the solution for backing up, migrating and completing flashing the data, securely is an IT company’s duty. The loss of essential data can prove to be fatal for the company as a whole. It is advisable to have a solution to this, which is a backup. A large quantity of backup, can be done with the right infrastructure. Data migration is another way of keeping your data secure. The best way to keep your data from being stolen or copied, if it is of no use to the company, is to wipe it all out, that way no sensitive data is stolen."


Enterprise computing is a policyspeak that refers to business-oriented information technology that is critical to a company’s operations. Enterprise computing encompasses all the various types.

The Data Centres designed and managed by Cache have the construction and operation with the following as target objectives: Minimizing the footprints of the buildings The use of low-emission building materials

OS, Database and Middleware Infrastructure in a Virtualized/Shared Model,Public Cloud and Private Cloud Options,Virtual Environments Pay Per Use Model,Managed Services with world class uptime SLAs.