Smart City Solution

"Smart cities are cities that incorporate the information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance the working of the city. The smart city is a step towards future, which allows the government to collect data from its citizens, in a more orderly manner. Smart cities also need an intricate and sophisticated ICT structure so that it is not breached. The systems of a smart city need a lot of work and thought put into them. "


Enterprise computing is a policyspeak that refers to business-oriented information technology that is critical to a company’s operations. Enterprise computing encompasses all the various types.

The Data Centres designed and managed by Cache have the construction and operation with the following as target objectives: Minimizing the footprints of the buildings The use of low-emission building materials

OS, Database and Middleware Infrastructure in a Virtualized/Shared Model,Public Cloud and Private Cloud Options,Virtual Environments Pay Per Use Model,Managed Services with world class uptime SLAs.