Hybrid Cloud Versus Multicloud

Posted on 10th May 2019 11:25:17     Posted by: Shoaib

In this article you will be able to understand the difference between Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud. 

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Why Your Business Needs Colocation Hosting

Posted on 26th Apr 2019 10:25:35     Posted by: Shoaib

Business either needs to shell out large sums of money on hardware, support and other infrastructure for hosting a website, or has to compromise on a few things because of the high costs. Both options...

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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation with the Internet of Things

Posted on 2nd Apr 2019 14:07:54     Posted by: Shoaib

The times are changing. Right now, it’s no longer enough to have a great product or service if you want to win over the customers or retain your market share.

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Managed services: design, build and run with it

Posted on 11th Mar 2019 10:30:26     Posted by: Shoaib

A good managed services partner operates as part of the same family as its clients, but is also separate enough to provide a broader perspective of the business.

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Public Cloud Enterprise Grade IaaS Cloud platform built on the latest virtualization technology

Posted on 18th Feb 2019 10:18:56     Posted by: Shoaib

Built on the latest virtualization technology, SimpliCloud comes with a comprehensive self-service portal and an extensive set of managed services. It simplifies your transition to the cloud, enables you to manage your capacity needs dynamically and adapt quickly to changing business requirements.

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Posted on 12th Feb 2019 10:46:27     Posted by: Shoaib

Running SAP HANA on AWS, rather than on-premises, will greatly simplify the process of managing your application. Firstly, on AWS, you only have to manage your SAP application, 


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SAP HANA Cloud Platform

Posted on 6th Dec 2018 10:49:36     Posted by: Shoaib

SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is a Platform as a Service model meant for creating new applications and run/expand existing (SAP) applications.

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Why IoT Needs the Blockchain, and Blockchain needs IoT

Posted on 23rd Nov 2018 11:38:05     Posted by: Shoaib

IoT is everywhere right now. Although it has been around for some time, IoT is steadily growing in popularity and capability to become one of the most ubiquitous technologies today.

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What “Digital Disruption” Means for your Growing Small Business

Posted on 21st Nov 2018 10:38:09     Posted by: Shoaib

Digital disruption is affecting every type of company out there, regardless if you’re small, mid-sized or large.

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Big Data Analytics

Posted on 16th Nov 2018 14:59:48     Posted by: Shoaib

Lessons Learned from Applying Deep Learning for NLP Without Big Data.

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Have Network, Need Network Security Monitoring

Posted on 2nd Nov 2018 10:52:49     Posted by: Shoaib

There is a tendency in many aspects of the security operations community to shy away from network-centric approaches

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Is Your Team Keeping Up With Technology?

Posted on 29th Oct 2018 15:43:46     Posted by: Shoaib

Managed Services Could Bridge the Gap The last few years have seen more and more technologies promising...

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What makes cloud computing different?

Posted on 22nd Oct 2018 10:37:14     Posted by: Shoaib

Most importantly, the service you use is provided by someone else and managed on your behalf. If you're using Google Documents, you don't have to worry about buying licenses for word-processing software or keeping them up-to-date.

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Shining a light on the dark side of IoT

Posted on 6th Oct 2018 10:22:46     Posted by: Shoaib

The top 4 IoT challenges and how to solve them: there’s a dark side to IoT that must be addressed as it continues to shape society and business practice. Although we are talking about the consumer realm, where IoT is more of an overhyped novelty, similar concerns remain in the much larger business (B2B) market.

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What is the Internet of Things?

Posted on 4th Oct 2018 11:44:15     Posted by: Shoaib

The Internet of Things(IoT) connects the physical world to the Internet so that you can use data from any remote device to increase productivity and efficiency.

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5G will bring cloud computing to everyone

Posted on 28th Sep 2018 11:49:11     Posted by: Shoaib

Those who don’t have broadband will discover the whole new world of cloud computing with 5G that can take their businesses to the next level

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