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IOT: An Unexplored Realm

The Internet of Things is a system of interconnected physical devices that communicate via the Internet. These Internet of Things devices collect and share data with other devices, applications, and systems, and in many ways the data “talks” to us and the other things it’s connected to.

Big Data

Big data will be a must in the new IoT world, harnessing the power of the cloud to analyse all the data comingfrom these connected ‘things’, the network will have to be highly available with Pv6 as a necessity and what about 5G? ll of these together will be huge factors that will allow and enable Big Data to be a success.

Industrial Trends

Overall enterprise IoT spending grew 21.5% in 2022 to $201 billion. IoT Analytics lowered the growth outlook for 2023 to 18.5% (from 24% previously).

Cache Cloud for Financial Services

Cache Cloud is well-suited for regulated workloads with its end-to-end cloud security capabilities and support for a wide-range of compliance programs. Cache Cloud for Financial Services extends the capabilities of Cache Cloud to provide an industry-driven cloud platform that supports the unique requirements of the financial services industry.

CACHE CIO organization’s application modernization journey

The CACHE CIO organization has undertaken a large transformation to modernize traditional applications and infrastructure to a hybrid cloud platform. As in life, we use modern technologies like smartphones, tablets, etc., and then we upgrade them to either the latest software or the latest hardware to make our life easier, more efficient and environmentally sustainable

Why the world needs sustainable software more than ever

Digital technology is now so deeply integrated into everyday life that it's sometimes easy to forget it's even there. But the growing use of technology around the world comes with a cost that is not always obvious to the end user: the carbon footprint.

Ms Prarthana Gupta

Founder and CEO, CIO Digital Foundation (CIDIF)

With a vision to transform India into a digitally empowered nation, Prarthana Gupta is the Founder and CEO of CIO Digital Foundation (CIDIF), a registered Non-profit organisation, an initiative of over 2500 Industry & Technology leaders across the country to make the Government’s Digital India Program a success and join hands to address the memorability challenge in the country. Under her able leadership, CIDIF has been endeavoring to bridge the gap between Government Initiatives and Industry Need by forging partnerships with government bodies like NIELIT, NeGD, NIC, SDC and others to identify and deliver employability focused e-skilling solutions, thus reinforcing and restructuring India’s technological foundation. She works closely with the under-privileged and marginalized sections of the society to ensure that the youth get gainful employment or are equipped to start their entrepreneurship ventures. She has also conceptualized and organized a conference series Mann ki Baat Sarkar ke Saath to bring the industry and government under one platform in order to address the challenges in realizing the Digital India dream. The first edition of Mann ki Baat Sarkar ke Saath was held in April 2016.

"Prarthana Gupta also leads an initiative Shakti within CIDIF aimed at creating a community of self-reliant, self–employed women by imparting them with IT- training."

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